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June 10, 2005
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WK: RanxKen + Shioshiro by Asaphira WK: RanxKen + Shioshiro by Asaphira
FULL VIEW PLEASE~~ And warning, LONG comment.

OKAY... first of all, this features Weiss Kreuz's Ran (Aya) and Ken along with their son Shioshiro :heart::heart::heart:, based on Crimson-sama's fic Kind des Schicksals [link] !!!! Therefore, once more, none of these characters are mine. I loved it so much... I was very anticipated into making a fanart.

I HIGHLY recommend that fic to ALL RanxKen fans out there, because it's very thorough and beautifully written, and best of all, they have a SON *_* I SO look forward to the day when two men can have their own child. (please don't smack me.) Anyways.. the photo is based off of Chapter 6, where Hiro (yes, Shioshiro is nicknamed hiro in the fic) shows Kenken a future picture of him, Ran, and their son together. You know what's so cute? Because technically both Ran and Ken are "fathers", Hiro calls them O-Ran and Ken-to (splitting the term "otou"). And Hiro is UBER lovable.

This is probably one that I put most work on ever. It was, obviously, a composition of two parts... had to illustrate the photo first, and then Hiro. I had lots of fun with them :heart: Only... I kinda failed to do Ran justice though... He's supposed to be much cooler look.>_< I guess Ken is alright, he still maintains that energetic smile of his :heart: both Ran and Ken are supposed to be semi- Weiss Side B (with a bit Gluhen touch too) here.. and in their 30's, but I made them look 20's? ^^; As for Hiro, I had to draw him based on the descriptions in the fic, hopefully it's canon to it enough ^^; I imagined him to be a very cool bishounen (come on, with two bishounen as his father, he /has/ to be too). *giggles* He has Ran's eyes and built, and Ken's hair and smile/energy, perfect combo :love:

I had some difficulties with the coloring.. cuz I tried transitioning from CG to cel-coloring, now it looks semi of both. Grr. It looks /very/ different from how I usually color, hope you can still tell I drew it >_<; But I honestly had lots of fun with the challenges. Still can't do proper folds.

OMG OKAY I have to stop talking. :heart::heart::heart:for all WK(and non-) fans, READ THE FIC :heart::heart::heart:

[Edit/]: This pic is also dedicated to ~Miss-vampire, who drew the first Shioshiro fanart for Crimson-sama. Because of her initiated aspiration, I was inspired as well ^^

Weiss Kreuz (c) Koyasu Takehito
Shioshiro (c) Crimson
Fanart (c) Sachiko
Tools: 100% tablet, oC, Photoshop
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angelmayscream-2008 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2008   Writer
Good use of color :D I love Aya and Ken. They're my favorite parings.
Asaphira Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
They're my favorite too! I'm glad people still remember them ^^
blackash5 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2007
Asaphira Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Thank you xD~~ Long live Weiss~
olivia-yuymaxwell Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006   Interface Designer
Ahhh sachi-sannn this one is soooo sweet *melt*
i like keb's expression in this pic. still has tha energetic ken and yet there's somethin more mature about him :D
hmm Kind des Schicksals yeah it's great fix But i haven't finished it yet :P
hehe hope more of Ranken to come nee :heart:
Asaphira Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2006
Thank you soo much ^____^ *GLOMPS*!! Got to thank the fic for the inspiration. Hope you finished it by now~ It made me cry ;_;
Resnick Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
not a very big fan of that pairing... but this image is really good. You can definately tell who the kiddos parents are ^-^
Asaphira Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006
Thank you XD I noticed people either really like this pairing or really don't like them lol. :hug:
Resnick Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
As far as weiss goes... I'll read it if its a good fanfic... for ex: this one on has a hiliarious one about Aya undercover ^_6 and that one is Aya x Yohji (*wrinkles nose*) but all the stuff Aya is made to do is hiliarious... and everybody is pretty close to in character other than Yohji... *sweatdrop*... but I like fanfic ideas like yours... its interesting to see the what the mix of two characters would look like.
Asaphira Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
:giggle: Ah, it isn't my idea ^^ It is a fanart for someone else's fanfic~
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